The Enigmatic Charm of the Abandoned Tall House: A Tale of Forgotten Heights

Amidst the urban landscape, towering above its surroundings, stands an abandoned tall house, its silhouette etched against the sky like a silent sentinel of bygone days. This architectural anomaly, now weathered by time and neglect, whispers tales of past glory and secrets waiting to be unveiled. The abandoned tall house commands attention with its imposing … Read more

Bed returned to Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall, a magnificent Tudor mansion nestled in the heart of Salford, has recently witnessed the return of a historic treasure that adds another layer to its rich tapestry of the past. The oldest bed in its possession, a relic from centuries gone by, has been lovingly restored and is now gracing the halls of … Read more

A California Couple Found $10 Million In Gold Coins In Their Backyard

A California couple who discovered a $10 million cache of hidden gold coins might not be so lucky after all. According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s website–a search of the Haiti Trust Digital Library provided by Northern California fishing guide Jack Trout, a historian and collector of rare coins, turned up news of the theft. … Read more

Abandoned Gothic house

An abandoned Gothic house evokes a haunting and mysterious atmosphere, with its once-grand architecture now succumbing to the passage of time. As one approaches, the imposing pointed arches and intricately designed stained glass windows, now cracked and weather-worn, stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era. The steeply pitched roofs, once sturdy and proud, now … Read more

The Haunting Mystique of Castle Ravenswood

Nestled amidst the dense, whispering woods, lies the haunting silhouette of Castle Ravenswood, a forgotten relic of a bygone era. Its towering spires pierce the veil of mist, casting eerie shadows that dance upon the crumbling stone walls. Once a symbol of grandeur and opulence, this abandoned castle now stands as a testament to the … Read more

The Enigmatic Stone Gothic House: An Ode to Forgotten Grandeur

The Gothic stone house exemplifies the architectural splendor of a bygone era. Its facade, crafted from heavy blocks of local stone, showcases the skill of stonemasons who transformed raw material into a masterpiece of design. Each stone is meticulously cut and fitted, creating a seamless tapestry of texture and shadow. The walls, though weathered by … Read more

The Secret Old Gate in England looks like a portal to another world

  Location: Nestled deep within the English countryside, the gate stands as a relic of a bygone era, hidden away from prying eyes. It’s situated in a secluded forest, surrounded by ancient trees and tangled undergrowth, adding to its air of mystery and isolation. History: Legends swirl around the gate, whispered by locals and passed … Read more

The James Flood Mansion in San Francisco, California

The James Flood Mansion, located on Nob Hill in San Francisco, California, is a remarkable testament to the grandeur and resilience of the late 19th-century architecture. Built in 1886, this mansion is one of the few structures that survived the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, standing as a symbol of historical and architectural … Read more

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is one of the most impressive, romantic and reputedly haunted castles in Scotland, home to the Bowes Lyon Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne for hundreds of years and with a splendid interior, and set in beautiful gardens and grounds near Forfar in Angus. Glamis Castle (Beattie, 1838) One of the most famous, impressive … Read more


  The Hall Street Historic District, also known as Millionaire’s Row, is the home of this palatial mansion still flush with original woodwork, stained glass, and lighting. Stay in our comfortable B&B rooms, host a wedding, special event or business meeting in the elegant parlors, or join us for an informative tour, by reservation. 2015 Preserve Missouri Award Winner. … Read more