Abandoned Mansions in Branson That is Unfinished Resort Has Become a Viral Sensation. TikTok Users Describe Mansions as Spooky and Scary.

We compiled 30 amazing images of Branson’s abandoned houses. The incomplete resort has already gone viral. TikTok users describe mansions as eerie and frightening. The vacation community was planned to cost $1.60 billion. Locals refer to this as the Indian Ridge Resort. It was meant to be a master planned neighborhood with retail holiday houses and a lakefront vista. As the housing crisis hit in 2008, it transformed into a ghost town.

James Shirato, the original primary developer, was penalized for breaking state clean water rules, and five individuals were convicted and punished for their participation in a real estate fraud. Five persons were sentenced to federal prison.

Why Are Branson Mansions For Sale?

The housing market was impacted by the 2008 financial crisis. This, combined with legal issues, almost assured that the Indian Ridge Resort proposal never materialized. Two project participants (Indian Ridge Resort Inc. and North Shore Investments LLC) pled guilty to breaching the Clean Water Act. Columbian Bank and Trust were closed down by federal officials in 2008, putting a halt to the building of homes in Branson. The developers were unable to convince the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to approve the project. Mansions have been abandoned since then.

Are there many Abandoned Mansions in Branson?

Branson has nine structures and 64 buildable lots. Many were nearly finished when the project was halted. The abandoned mansions are slowly deteriorating. The structures are still incomplete and visible to vehicles on State Highway 76.

Stunning Photos of Mansions in Branson

Where are mansions in Branson located?

The abandoned homes around Table Rock Lake, east of Branson West, may be seen from Road 76. Locals who drive past these abandoned mansions regularly stop to look at them. Engineers appear to be beginning to destroy mansions.