Abandoned Orient Express Traincar, Belgium!

May be an image of train, railroad and text

I found some information about an abandoned Orient Express train in Belgium. The train was discovered by photographer Andre Joosse of Urbex NL during one of his urban explorations. The train is believed to have been placed at a busy railway yard somewhere in Belgium, but its exact provenance is unknown. The train is relatively well-known in the area as “the Orient Express” and is full of rusting and haunting carriages and locomotives. The Orient Express was a long-distance passenger railway service that began in 1883 and was created by the international hotel and travel logistics group Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL). The train’s original route ran from Paris, Gare de l’Est, to Giurgiu, Romania, by way of Munich and Vienna 1. The train is assumed to have been abandoned for many years and is now in a state of disrepair (134).