Amazing Story of Renovation House

If we’ve learned anything from shows like “Fixer Upper” (RIP), it’s that just because a home is old, outdated and/or falling apart doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. With a little — or a lot — of work, it can turn out more beautiful than you could imagine.

Case in point, this historic plantation home in Fayette, Mississippi. Built around 1825, the 2,770-square-foot home named “Laurietta” has plenty of stories to tell. It just needed an owner who would listen.

Maria Teresa “Tere” and William “Mac” Thomas of New Iberia, Louisiana, bought the home and the 680-acre property it sat on as a getaway for their family. They knew going in that the dilapidated house would need some major polishing.

“It was nothing a match couldn’t cure,” Mac joked in an interview with Country Living. The two decided to embark on a three-year gut renovation which included repairs to the foundation as well as the installation of new insulation, plumbing and electricity.

Once the basics were done, the couple worked on the cosmetic updates, making sure to restore and preserve the history of the home.