An Abandoned Beauty – Manoir Colimaçon

Built in 1882, this superb building was originally a house with about twenty windows and a carriage entrance. Around 1920, this house was enlarged and transformed into a castle with more than 80 windows and a carriage entrance. The work would have been carried out by the architect Marcel Odin.

Abandoned since the end of the 1970s by its last owner. He does not want to sell it but wants to keep it as it is. The castle is gradually deteriorating it seems irreversibly.
The last owner, an Iranian engineer living between France and the United States is said to have abandoned the castle following a quarrel with his neighbor who was none other than the former owner.




Image credits: Soulphotography

The site is potentially dangerous and access to it is prohibited. It is partly “guarded” by the inhabitants of the neighboring farm and the maintenance of the park (the lawns) is carried out by a flock of sheep from the same farm