Castle Kranichfeld

The Oberschloss Kranichfeld is a Renaissance palace of the former princely house of Reuss, above the town of Kranichfeld in Thuringia, which emerged from an older castle complex. It is owned by the Thuringian Palaces and Gardens Foundation.
The palace complex originated from a medieval castle to protect trade routes through the Ilm Valley. Today, it still reflects the division into outer and main courtyards.
Surrounded by a ring wall, which is still partially preserved, it still contains a palace and the ruins of a fortress. Their residential building is of Romanesque origin and was rebuilt in the 16th century. The 27 m high fortress, also known as the “Fat Tower”, has been available as an observation tower since 2002. The glass dome provides a panoramic view of the Middle IIm valley and the surrounding area. The museum in the palace shows the history of the upper castle, especially the time after the 1934 fire.