Haunted House

This house is reportedly haunted!! Built in 1952, however it was never completed. It is said that the owner of the house never accepted his daughter’s relationship with a boy from a poor family and that the couple committed suicide. Shortly afterwards, remorseful, the father committed suicide.

There is a version in which the man threw the couple into the well and left them there. The most curious thing is that the house has a well in the living room, who wants to have a well inside their own house? But it’s really real, it’s not fiction! See the last photo!

The house was sold and a family moved there, but had to flee during the night, after experiencing paranormal phenomena! The house was bought again in the early 2000s by a local company that had a lot of capital and success, but 2 years later, the company went bankrupt. The wizard from Fafe, Fernando Nogueira, went to the site to find out the veracity of these stories. During a ritual he incorporated an evil spirit that lives there “I’m going to kill you, go away, leave my house”

The wizard guarantees that the house has an evil spirit and felt the presence of 2 more spirits. There are several versions of the story about the events that took place in this house, some say that a successful businessman lived there and due to dangerous business he lost everything and seeing the possibility of losing his house, he ended up killing himself.” There was an attempt to demolish the house, but it became impossible, because as soon as the machines approached, they immediately turned off without any explanation. There are always stories that emerge, legends that tell, the truth is that the owner there killed himself.

There are lots of stories with different protagonists and various events. Locals say they hear screams coming from this house, its reputation as a haunted house has remained for decades. The truth is that the house remains intact, without any project, the only intervention was cleaning the surrounding bush and the most interesting thing? These machines had no problems, but one of the machines that was going to demolish the house shut down and only that one had problems.