McDermott’s Castle in Ireland

Located on Castle Island on Lough Key is McDermotts Castle. A castle is believed to have stood on the island since the 12th-century, but it was reported to have been struck by lightning.
When this happened, the castle went on fire and caused the magnificent residence to be destroyed, and numerous lives were lost.
Following this tragedy, the castle was rebuilt, and the castle that stands today dates back to the 18th-century. Although most of the castle is in ruins, some beautiful features are still intact.
It is expected too that there are many unmarked or lost graves on the islands. McDermotts Castle now also lies in ruins but many features of the castle are still intact.

Credit: Flickr / Greg Clarke

A tragic legend of McDermott’s Castle

There is an old legend that states that Úna Bhan, daughter of the McDermott chief, fell in love with a boy of lower class. At that time this was shunned upon.
Her father prevented her from leaving the island Rumor has it, the boyfriend used to swim to Castle Island to see her. One time he didn’t make it, & drowned in the water.
As the story goes Úna died of a broken heart. Both her and the boy are supposed to be buried on the island, beneath two intertwined trees which grew over them.
This legend is well known in the area and the tale has been mentioned in various forms of literature throughout the years.

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