Orava Castle, Slovakia

May be an image of Eltz Castle and Bran Castle

Orava Castle (Oravský hrad) is a well-known castle located in Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia. It is situated on a high rock above the Orava River in the Orava region. Here are some key features and information about Orava Castle:

History: Orava Castle has a long and storied history, with origins dating back to the 13th century. Over the centuries, it underwent various reconstructions and expansions, resulting in a complex that includes elements of different architectural styles.Architecture: The castle is a notable example of medieval fortification and later Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Its strategic location on a high cliff provides panoramic views of the surrounding area. The castle complex includes a palatial residence, a chapel, and defensive walls.Exhibitions and Museums: Today, Orava Castle serves as a museum with exhibitions on the history of the castle and the region. Visitors can explore various rooms, including the Knight’s Room, the Thonet Room, the Exhibition of Tatra Art, and more.Film Location: Orava Castle gained international recognition as a filming location for the 1922 classic silent film “Nosferatu,” an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” The castle’s eerie and picturesque setting made it an ideal backdrop for the vampire tale.Tourism: Orava Castle is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its historical significance, architectural beauty, and scenic surroundings. It’s a prominent symbol of the Orava region and an important cultural heritage site in Slovakia.

Before planning a visit, it’s advisable to check for the latest information on opening hours, ticket prices, and any special events at Orava Castle, as these details can be subject to change.