Rocca Calascio Castle in Italy

Rocca Calascio is one of the most beautiful fortresses in the world. With its 1500 meters in height, overlooking a magnificent panorama, it cannot be described in words!
Rocca Calascio is the name of both a small town and a castle in the province of L’Aquila City. The ancient town sits at the top, capped by the magnificent castle by the same name, and at the foot of the mountain is the modern town of Calascio. Both are located in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park and are set in dramatic, scenic mountainous surroundings.

Rocca Calascio exudes an aura reminiscent of the Middle Ages, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, halfway between reality and fantasy.The construction of the fortress dates back to the year 1000, but the first historical document relating to it dates back to 1380. In the Middle Ages the fortress took on a strong strategic and military interest, being part of an imposing defensive sighting system, which extended from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea and served to monitor this territory, which had always been the victim of attacks.

Her beauty has also enchanted the Hollywood world.
Set of many films and TV series. The following were filmed in the village:
Ladyhawke, My Friends – Act II and The American.
– The Castle has been the subject of a major renovation, made necessary by a violent earthquake in 1703, and is today one of the main tourist attractions of the region.