Still in use at 137 years old!

This image is always a favorite and we have many new followers who haven’t seen it, so here it is again.
The Cyrus Carpenter & Co. #5 brick-set range was made in Boston in 1885 and remains in daily use in 2022. A brick-set range is built into the masonry chimney mass rather than standing out in the room in front of the chimney. Wood is used for quick cooking fires in the warm months, and coal is used for steady burning in the cold months for cooking, heat, and hot water.
Dow Farm, built c. 1765 with 19th-century additions, is one of the 13 featured homes in “Restoring Your Historic House, The Complete Guide for Homeowners.”
You can read about the unique partnership between a young man with a passion for preservation and the family that has owned the farm since the early 19th century. This partnership has resulted in the farm being saved and restored over the past 45 years.