The Haunted 1889 McInteer Villa Ghost Hunt Sleepover, Atchison, KS

Atchison, Kansas’s McInteer Villa from 1889
Often referred to as the most haunted mansion in Kansas’ most haunted town!

You’d be excused if you felt anxious simply thinking about visiting the Haunted McInteer Villa since it does have a frightening appearance. You could just learn some of the mysteries that this mansion keeps to itself if you have the guts to enter it for a night of paranormal inquiry.

The history of this property is somewhat mysterious yet interesting. It’s said that the quirky ghost of a former professional violinist still lives here, drifting aimlessly in the chair where she committed herself. She went by the alias Goldie and went by the name Isobel Altus. Many investigators have referred to her as the witch since she often wore black. Her shadowy form could often be seen at the window, and guests have observed her rocking chair start eerily swaying back and forth right before their eyes!

The previous owners kept the home off-limits to everyone because they were so afraid of what may occur there! The present owners are eager to share their home with anybody interested in learning more about the paranormal as well as the residents of Atchison who were aware of it and all that happened within.

It was thought that the home had formerly been used for funeral services, with the deceased being spread out for display in one of the large rooms. This could explain the intense concentration of spirits and activity.

The many ghosts that still remain there will welcome you as soon as you reach the attic, giving off a powerful presence. You’ll discover why the owners never go down there if you dare to go down there.

Are you equipped to examine this eerily haunting structure? Even better, why not look around by yourself in Isabel’s sitting room?