A fairytale castle
with a unique history

To discover the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is to enter a timeless place which goes beyond the framework of the simple monument. After its fire in 1932, this 19th century architectural folly was transformed into a true masterpiece.
La Mothe Chandeniers is a unique area, rich in unexpected panoramas and hidden wonders. The castle is a delight for those curious about nature , architecture enthusiasts and budding explorers.
Located in the confines of the most famous valley in France , the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is a singular, mysterious and romantic work. Throughout its history, it has experienced sumptuous glory, neglect, daring reconstruction, dramatic fire and astonishing survival.
Saved from ruin, the castle today belongs to thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world…

Dartagnans – La Mothe Chandeniers.

A romantic castle that comes back to life thanks to thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world

The adventure was launched in October 2017 by Dartagnans , the leading innovative financing start-up dedicated to the preservation and economic development of cultural heritage.
The idea is simple : collectively buy a castle and save an endangered heritage by becoming co-castle.
Thanks to Dartagnans and his many co-castellains, Château de la Mothe Chandeniers was bought by 27,910 enthusiasts from 115 different countries around the world!
Since its rescue and opening to the public, tens of thousands of visitors, young and old, have experienced magical moments through unforgettable events such as the Night of the Castles, the Fairies, the Rendez-Vous aux Jardins and many more other moments of discovery and sharing.

Dorobuettgen – Atlas Obscura


Dartagnans – La Mothe Chandeniers.

via: https://www.mothe-chandeniers.com/ where you can read more about castle, visiting it and to become a co-castle!