Situated on a hill three kilometers west of center of Palma, on the Spanish island of Majorca, lies Bellver Castle, a Gothic-style castle


Bellver Castle is indeed a fascinating historical landmark situated on a hill about three kilometers west of the center of Palma, the capital city of the Spanish island of Majorca (Mallorca). This unique castle is renowned for its distinctive circular design, making it one of the very few of its kind in Europe.

Key features of Bellver Castle include:

Circular Architecture: Bellver Castle’s most notable characteristic is its circular layout, which is quite rare for medieval European castles. The design is attributed to the architect Pere Salva, and it is believed to have been constructed in the 14th century.Historical Significance: The castle has played various roles throughout its history, including serving as a royal residence, a military fortress, and even as a prison. It has witnessed numerous historical events and undergone several renovations over the centuries.Panoramic Views: Due to its elevated location, Bellver Castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of Palma, the Bay of Palma, and the surrounding countryside. Visitors can enjoy a stunning vantage point of the city and its coastline from the castle’s walls.Museum and Exhibitions: The castle now functions as a museum, showcasing artifacts and exhibits related to its history and the history of Majorca. Visitors can explore the interior, including the courtyard and various chambers, to learn more about the island’s past.Surrounding Park: Bellver Castle is surrounded by a lush park known as the Parc de Bellver, providing a peaceful setting for visitors to stroll and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Overall, Bellver Castle stands as a testament to Majorca’s rich history and architectural diversity. Its circular design, historical significance, and panoramic views make it a popular destination for tourists and history enthusiasts alike.